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Low voltage or structured wire is a utility, and is as important as the water or electric service to your home. You need low voltage cabling to insure you have a reliable and fast data network, because everything from your TV to your music to your computer needs it. And in the future more and more smart devices will need it – Connectivity. It’s the wire behind the walls that provides the seamless wireless service to your tablet, to your thermostat and even to your kitchen appliances.


How do you watch TV? Cable or Satellite or Streaming Services? Or a combination of those content providers? How do you listen to music? How does your family consume its media? Does the convenience of being able to control your home’s climate appeal to you? Do you have security concerns and like the ability to monitor your home remotely? These are the questions we ask and your answers help us build a technology and delivery system that enhances the way you live. We make it simple. We make it yours.

New Home Construction or Remodeling
We will consult with you and work with your builder to tailor a low voltage wiring plan that will support Distributed Audio and Video, Boosted Internet Connectivity, Security, Surveillance, Climate and Light Control, Remote Access and Control of Smart Appliances and other Home Based Smart Devices. Low voltage wire provides the infrastructure for future technology. It’s most cost efficient to build it into your home now, because you are, to some extent, future proofing your home.

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Do you want a Media Room in your new home? Reliable WiFi? Wireless Sound? Automated Climate? We can help.


Connected Home Source specializes in low voltage cabling. We design and install the wire that creates data, climate, sound, video, security and surveillance systems. We seamlessly integrate the cabling system to the matching electronics. We are experts and educate the homeowner on the use of these systems. When they have a question or a problem, they call us, not you. And our exemplary customer service ensures that you won’t be roped into becoming an intermediary. We stand behind our work and all of its functions. We, like you, want a happy homeowner who will recommend us and help us grow.

Low voltage cabling is becoming more and more complex. It is not just telephone, computer and TV anymore. We can meet with your clients and talk about what their needs are, and then design and install the systems they decide on. We keep you in the loop during the entire process. We keep you updated on construction requirements, upgrade costs, and any changes or additions that occur after our initial proposal. We can do this within the framework of your contract and allowance specifications. We build a relationship with your client, but we are ever mindful that they were your customer first.

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Connected Home Source installs the structured wire that supports the technology side of home networks, audio/visual systems, security and surveillance, and home automation. We specialize in all those tech systems that connect to your home. At Connected Home Source we have a System Designer, Project Managers, Programmers, and Technicians that have decades of experience. Low voltage is all we do, and we do it well.

Connected Home Source is aligned with Builders Source Appliance Gallery and Baillio’s Home Electronics. Both businesses are home grown, and have been doing business locally since 1994, and currently employ about 150 New Mexicans.

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