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The Internet of Things is more than smart home technologies – it is the beginning of a new transformation of the home. Our homes will be more interactive and responsive to our needs, and we will live more comfortably and more efficiently. These technologies are very useful today. Controlling the climate in your home remotely is beneficial from an arrival and an economic standpoint. Do you have a vacation home? Sensors can be installed around key areas that would detect water leaks, and even shut the water off, minimizing the damage to your home. Through system design and control, we can create home environments that change, and enhance your activities, whether it is watching a movie, or the big game, jamming to your favorite music, cooking, gaming with the kids, … what does your heart desire?

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Alarm Cable Installation
We do security wiring, and install the cable for alarm contacts, keypads, motion detectors, glass break detectors, surveillance cameras, sirens and strobes.

Alarm and Surveillance Systems
We sell complete security and surveillance (cameras and recording) systems too. Once the cabling is complete and the hardware installed, we turn the system over to you so you may choose the security monitoring service that best meets your needs.

System Design

Are you looking for a surround sound system for your family room? Or maybe you want a full-on theatre experience at home. We do that. We also design Whole House audio systems. We make sure your Wi-Fi network is strong and reliable so that you can connect your devices and everything loads fast. The future is already here with the Internet of Things, smart thermostats, lights, shades, appliances, televisions, and more, lots more is on the way. We design and program so that your system seamlessly communicates and coordinates, and is easy to operate. Native. Intuitive. Simple. Fewer remotes and fewer apps, mean more time to enjoy your life and the things you love doing.

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Distributed audio and video means that you can listen or watch different content in different rooms at the same time. But we can also install a simpler system where a single source plays everywhere. We offer architectural in-ceiling and in-wall speakers as well as floorstanding speakers. We carry all the best brands including Control4, Paradigm, Klipsch, Legrand, Anthem, Denon, Sony, Yamaha, Samsung, Bose, Sonos, and more.

Education & Guidance

Are you tech savvy, or a novice? We can help deepen your knowledge or start with the basics. We’re here to help. Exceptional service continues after the installation with in-person demonstrations, video demonstrations and written cheat sheets that you can access anytime. You’ll have more than one contact to get help if you need it.

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